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30 July 2014 @ 01:54 pm
Character Reference Sheet

~ Name:

~ Nickname:

~ Race:

~ Eye Color:

~ Hair Color/Cut/Style:

~ Skin Color:

~ Markings [scars, tattoos, etc]:

~ Favorite Clothing Color:

~ Way of Dressing:

~ Favored Weapon:

~ Secondary Weapon:

~ Sexual Orientation:

~ Magical Class:

~ Pet:

~ Steed:

~ Preferred God or Goddess:

~ Alignment:

~ Crew Assignment: [This is NA for everyone right now, so don't worry about it for now.]

~ Picture/Basic Description [You can either provide a picture, a description, or a sensible combination of the two.]:

~ Name: PC: Topknot A. Dragonbane.

~ Nickname: Little One.

~ Race: Wood Elf.

~ Eye Color: Right Eye is green, left eye is purple, wears powerful spell to disguise this fact in the form of yellow tinted glasses.

~ Hair Color/Cut/Style: When worn down, it sweeps the back of her knees, normally worn in a mass of thin braids and crammed under a head scarf and tri-point hat that sports various decorations depending on her mood.

~ Skin Color: Palest milk with dark brown freckles everywhere.

~ Markings [scars, tattoos, etc]: Various minor scars from fights all over her body, one tiny, star shaped star over her left breast, two X tattoos on her left hand.

~ Favorite Clothing Color: Greens and browns.

~ Way of Dressing: Eclectic. She's been around the world, she can sew, and its apparent. Always around are her glasses. She dislikes wearing shoes, dresses, and skirts, and only wears shoes under the most extreme conditions.

~ Favored Weapon: Double bladed broad sword, with a two handed grip.

~ Secondary Weapon: The Dragon Blade, a simple longsword with a hilt resembling a coiled dragon, the hand guard, its wings.

~ Sexual Orientation: Unknown. Crew speculates she is asexual, though she does flirt.

~ Magical Class: Negligible. What's in her can't be used and is locked away, where she couldn't get to it even if she wanted to.

~ Pet: Oliver, though he is a familiar, not a pet. He is a black cat with orange eyes who wears a red collar that has a silver charm. On the charm is the Elvish rune for "Fortune" or "Luck".

~ Steed: A Kelpie named Nip.

~ Preferred God or Goddess: Willacony.

~ Alignment: Chaotic Good.

~ Crew Assignment: Captain.

~ Basic Description: Topknot is seven feet tall with masses of deep black braids, generally tied out of her face with a head cloth and topped with a hat that has rotating decorations. Her skin, typical of her kind and liberally sprinkled with freckles, though they are less populous on her face. Her face is round and kind, with sharp features, a full sensual lower lip, and a nose piercing she wears a verity of small gems in. Accenting this single gem is a large gold hoop that hangs from each of her ears, one of which sports a long black feather. She claims it's an Avian's feather, but due to her penchant for wild stories, the crew has their doubts. Other than these three adornments, Topknot is rarely feminine. She avoids dresses and skirts whenever possible, and is only ever seen wearing jewelery when she dons charms for quick disguises. Most commonly seen wearing cottons and other plant fibers, she favors tans, browns, deep greens, and occasionally crimsons. On her right hand she bears two black X tattoos, permanent marks of her run ins with the Navy, who insist on treating her and her crew like Pirates. She wears fingerless leather gloves whenever she is in public to cover these tattoos. When she was young her tribe used to call her "Twig", because she is long in everything, limb, fingers, toes. This lends well to her climbing. Ever present are her simple round glasses with yellow glass. Should anyone choose to try and take them from her, they choose to run afoul of Topknot's rage.
The Crew:

~ Name: Howl

~ Nickname: NA

~ Race: Half Sun Elf half Sea Elf.

~ Eye Color: Varying shades of blue, depending on his mood, as part of the curse he was put under.

~ Hair Color/Cut/Style: Straight blond hair that falls to the back of his knees.

~ Skin Color: Tan.

~ Markings [scars, tattoos, etc]: A one inch thick band of black that goes all the way around his neck.

~ Favorite Clothing Color: Blues and whites.

~ Way of Dressing: Knee high black leather boots, black slacks, open white or blue shirts, often ties his hair back with a white or blue scarf.

~ Favored Weapon: Prefers to settle things with his fists and legs.

~ Secondary Weapon: A single dagger, for emergencies.

~ Sexual Orientation: Unknown.

~ Magical Class: NA.

~ Pet: NA.

~ Steed: NA.

~ Prefered God or Goddess: Willacony.

~ Alignment: Whatever way Topknot happens to be swayed at the moment.

~ Crew Asignment: Crow’s nest lookout.

~ Picture/Basic Description: He has a long face with full features and has long blonde hair that falls to be back of his knees. Mid height with a decent build. Has large feet and hands. Suffers from a curse that sometimes causes his eyes to turn purple, and when this happens he slips into hypnosis like state, where he will act only when responding to commands. He seems incapable of speech, usually communicating through Topknot by sign language but sometimes uses paper and pen.

That's all the characters that are fleshed out for now, others will be added as they appear.

The above concepts are (c) to me, Kristin Steelman AKA topknot_dear.

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30 July 2014 @ 01:41 pm


A note about Gods: Since Gods generally have no true physical form, they almost always choose to appear to mortals as that moral's race. This includes animals. For the sake of simplicity, I'll let you imagine what the Gods would look like as animals, and leave you with their humanoid forms here. They chose their sexes long ago, but will occasionally choose to appear as a different sex than they normally would to make the mortal they are appearing to more comfortable [or uncomfortable]. This is also true of appearing as another species or with a different look. I have recorded here only their most common appearances.

A note about Gods: This post is a work in progress.

Dark Gods:

Arnon: ["are-non"] God of Night. A tall dark being that appears as a deep, flickering shadow. Within his from a reflection, or perhaps a true glimpse, of the universe swirls. His form his undefined, he has a head, neck, and from there down his from is undefined. He speaks in a deep male voice that is often wavering and shy. Though he commands a great force, this God seems to fear something, perhaps within himself. He is very powerful, because nearly every person on the planet prays to him each night.

Braree: ["Bur-are-e"] Goddess of Dreams. Daughter of Arnon, also known as the Weaver. Shown as a woman with black skin with points of lights on it like stars, she is rarely seen away from her loom, where she weaves the dreams of mortals and Gods alike. Her from is as hard to define as Arnon's, except for her hands, which are as stark as ink on paper, and the fact that she has four humanoid arms, the better to weave with.

Arnonen: ["arn-on-in"] God of Sleep and of Death. The son of the God of Night Arnoenen, this God is said to have two faces. One is peaceful, the one that leads people into the land of Nodd, to sleep and dreams, and that same face comes for people who have lead a good life and who must move on to the afterlife. His second face is said to be more horrible than words can describe and more awful than mortal minds can comprehend. It drive sinners mad, causing them to beg for mercy, scream in terror, cry, barter, anything but to go with this God to where sinners must go. But Arnonen has an iron grip, and it drags them down away into the burning ice of hells embrace. This God is only ever seen by the dead and, rarely, his own monks, and is never depicted in art. He does have a symbol, its an iron gauntlet with a black wing sprouting out of it. It is, of course, unknown, if the God wears either of these.

Jarnen: ["jar-nen"] God of War. Depicted as a man of mid height with dark red skin and a face full of black bug like eyes and randomly shifting mouths full of rows of yellowed teeth, Jarnen walks on two legs and has four arms, each carrying a different weapon, which change as often as he is seen or depicted. He has patches of curly fur on his arms, chest, head, and down his back, which extend to a long feline like tail.

The Witch Queen: Goddess of all magic users, the Witch Queen is considered a Dark Goddess, but if there where neutral Gods, she would probably fall more in that territory. She has pale skin, a high brow, a long, wavy dark hair, with eyes to match. She wears little jewelery, but has gauged ears and a nose stud. Most often worn seen wearing men's trousers and other men's clothes in muted colors, she is never seen without her trusty wolf, who has non-distinct markings that are a mix of your average black white and gray. She is always portrayed with her black, simple crown, but she is rarely seen wearing it, usually only sporting the accessory when she has to make a massive proof of power or when appearing in tandoori with one of the other Gods or Demi-Gods.

Light Gods:

Yami: ["yaw-me"] Trikster God, also God of dancers, artists, and artisans. Thieves are known to pray to Yami, to little effect, he has little interest in helping along those who are not out for the greater good. He has lightly tanned skin with a few scars here and there, close cropped hair, and long bangs. His hair is rarely the same color twice. He is lithe and he wears a number of jester costumes.

Geni: ["jen-e"] Goddess of Singing. Daughter of Yami. Often seen at celebrations living it up with her people.

Yalta: ["Yal-tuh"] Goddess of Healing. Prayed to by the sick, wounded, the loved ones of them, and Healers. She is most often depicted as a chubby woman of mid height with shoulder length hair worn in a single braid, tied with a large butter yellow ribbon. Her garb is typical of those worn by mortal Healers.

Geromni: ["jen-or-ahm-e"] God of Sentiants. Geromni watches over Sentiants, but while he keeps watch over every single person on the planet, none of his people know of him. This makes him meek and small, only four and a half feet tall. He has dark brown skin and no color to his eyes, and mostly wears tribal clothing and piles of glass beads. He remembers when the world was so young that he could walk among the people and hail them by name, and it is clear that he misses those days. Geromni is in danger of loosing his God status and fading away back into the One Being. His brothers and sisters worry what havoc this will do to their special little planet.

Willacony: ["Will-uh-con-e"] An old Goddess constantly given new life with each new phase of the moon, this Godless is a rare woman, she is in charge of the ocean and the moons. Her skin is pale and silvery, as her moons, her hair every shade of blue and green, wild and wavy as her oceans [though when actually appearing to people she is more often seen having blonde hair]. She is slim and well muscled, covered in freckles, and commands respect, though she is kind. Her duality is plain to anyone who crosses her path. Another common form she takes, that many mortals have seen is a large water serpent, a dragon like creature with a horse like head and a long snake like body covered in white, pearly scales, with a mane that runs along its spine that looks like algy. Its easy to tell apart from other sea serpents by its curving ram like horns and smart, sparking blue eyes. She is prayed to by nearly everyone on the planet who has any interaction with the ocean, which, apart from most Sun Elves, is the entire population of the planet. She is very powerful.

God of the Forest: Also hailed as the God of Animals, the God of the forest has many names, one for nearly every culture. He is a man who is tall and thickly muscled who wears leather pants. He has a single long clear horn protruding from his forehead, and a pair of antlers that age with the seasons sprouting from his long, curly red hair, as well as a pair of long deer like ears, both of which have gauges in them. He has tattoos of tribal depictions of animals all over his body and a lions tail, and instead of nails, he has claws. He seems to be a species of his own, his appearance not changing for various mortals, or in their depictions of him. When once questioned about this by a sage, he alluded to the fact that "his people had simply not arrived yet" and that "I will watch the forest and its creatures until then." Curiously, he also wears a silver halo, like that of a Demi-God, but is given a God's status. He is prayed to by those wishing for a good hunt, thanking for a good hunt, hoping for safe passage through a forest, when cutting down trees, when making camp in the woods, and when otherwise disturbing the forest.

Latl: ["la-till"] Latl is a lesser God, son of the God of the Forest, who is the God of all trees. He is mostly prayed to by Wood Elves. Like his Father, he takes a unique form, that of a nude anthropomorpic tree. He is very young compared to the other Gods.

Elenom: ["el-ehn-om"] God of Wind. Elenom controls all the wind. He is the lover of the Goddess Willacony. He is very tall and almost emaciated looking for his how thin he is. He has no hair, skin the color of clay, and eyes that reflect the colors they see. His face is sharp, but there is always a laugh in his voice. He wears all white and has been spotted strolling seaside towns at his leisure as though he was a mortal, much like his close brother Yami does. He is mostly prayed to by sea goers, farmers, and Sun Elves.

Solomni: ["soul-om-knee"] God of the Sun and Fire. Thanked each morning for a new day this Solomni is one of the most powerful Gods. He is a tall, older looking man, though surly young at heart, reborn with each rising of the sun. It is said that you can catch glimpse of his face on dark nights in the flickers of a candle. He wears a waist wrap woven from all the colors of fire and sandles, and his skin is very dark, nearly black. His eyes are tawny and sparkle with laughter. He is sometimes depicted with hair like a lions mane, other times bald.

Balv: ["buh-alv"] Goddess of the Earth. Rocks are where this woman is most at home. Her eyes are like gems, one red, one blue, her skin a mix of the colors that dirt comes in. Studded across her chest are various precious and semiprecious stones, her hair is black and worn in dreadlocks. She is short and round, and very stubborn. Not many pray to her, but this matters not to Balv, without her, none of the creatures on the planet would exist, they thank her without knowing it, by making jewelry, bricks, building castles, walls, and roads. She is proud and wears a dress fit for a princess, in just as many jewel colors as there are on the earth.

The above concepts are (c) to me, Kristin Steelman AKA topknot_dear.

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30 July 2014 @ 01:13 pm

Here is an explanation of the different roles magic can play in people's lives:


Magic Users:

A note - Exterior magic vs Interior magic: Exterior magic comes from the world around you and the power of your spell or ability is effected by your environment. Interior magic is effected by either your own power or that of the people willing to lend it to you. Both can be boosted by supplementary spells or potions, if used properly.

Seeer: A Seeer is someone with the ability of Higher Sight [also refereed to as Second Sight and Dark Sight]. Seeers can See without the aid of tools that other magic users might need to use to See. Only a Seeer can see into the future or past willingly. Their visions are not direct sights of what may, is, or will happen, but rather they see in ways they must learn to decipher as they grow older. A thing cannot change once something once Seen and so these magic users are looked upon with a weary eye by most people, but they are sought out, mostly in secret. Items like mirrors, paintings, globes of various materials, and crystals can enhance a Seeer's power. Unlike most magical users, Seeers use their internal magic in a unique way. When they use it to See, they often faint or become limp and very tired for a short period after their seeing, and then they are fine. They cannot build up a store of magic like other magic users.

Magicians: Magicians are entertainers. Conjuring things like clouds of butterflies, pulling things out of their hats, sleeves, and shoes, these magic wielders use exterior magic that feeds off crowds. They wear garish costumes and sing songs, most know how to play at least one musical instrument. They juggle and tell stories, and often dress and act as jesters or other similar characters. Their magic can be useful as a distraction, or to gain money, but little else. Almost always one will find that these magic users are kind hearted, silly, and rarely take things seriously. When they do though, their minds meld well to being crafty and tricky. Having one of these magic users on your side can be a most useful tool, even if the magic of a Magician is not always respected for what its worth.

A note - Elves are never Magicians.

Mages: Mages are the most powerful class of magic wielders and use exterior magic. Their power is based on something in the world around them that they gather power from. Because they gain their power from outside sources, the amount of power they can use at any given time is determined by their environment but also depends on how much research and learning they have put into the use of this power. For example, a water Mage would be most powerful if they where in the middle of the sea but virtually powerless in the desert. Mage's have no real magic of their own, only the ability to control the magic that resides in things.

Note - A Mage is different from an Elemental, who are the embodiment of the very element they control.

Supplies: Mages carry all of their knowledge in a book. A Mage is only as powerful as he is willing to work to get, and study is the only real path to becoming a powerful Mage. These books allow them to use their will to use Magic, and their use and study is usually guided by dedicated teachers, professors, or private tutors. The time that goes into these books is stored, and given back to the Mage. So, for example, if a Mage spends three hours of studying, he does not age at all during those three hours, and those three hours are then add to their lifespan. This means that the most learned and powerful Mages, who have spent years and years of their lives studying, my appear to be in their young adulthood, but in reality can be hundreds of years old. Mages are rendered nearly incapable of of consciously controlling their magic when they cannot hold or otherwise touch their books, and reading about the spell they would like to use. If they've studded or used a spell before it makes the spell even more powerful. Mages go to great pains to never part with their books.

Society: Mages belong to the Mage's Society. Anyone seeking schooling to become a Mage must join, as the Mage's society controls all the Mage's schools and independent teachers as well. After years of schooling [the number of years depends on the person's desired length of study] a young White Robe must go before the leaders of their school and be tested. The test depends entirely on the person taking the test, the factors determined by what they studied, how they acted during class and among their peers, their personalities, their faults, and any other factors deemed necessary. If they pass they are granted their first step of Gray Robe, and have permission to leave the school should they choose. At this point a Mage can go into the world and study on their own or remain at the school and continue their studies in higher classes. Some spend their entire lives at school, eventually becoming teachers or school officials. Mages are respected but often feared and misunderstood, and unfortunately many Mages use this to their advantage, making things worse for those that wish to lead a peaceful life as a Mage. Being that they are so powerful, Mages are required by international law to identify themselves as Mages by wearing a Mage's cloak, a very unique cloak that is inversely illegal for non-Mage's to wear. The color of the cloak shows how powerful they are, similarity to Earth's karate belts. Novices start out with white cloaks, and as they gain power they must wear darker and darker cloaks. The color of the trim and lining of their cloaks shows what type of magic a Mage studies. Mages in the very high ranks who wear dark gray robes are targeted by people seeking to steal their power by taking their books, and so the higher that person ranks in the Mage's ranks, the more in danger their lives are. This creates a perverse paradox where the cloak that is meant to protect non-magic user from a Mage endangers the life of the person wearing the cloak. Very few Mages make it to be Black Robes, and those that do often become paranoid recluses, living in far flung, hidden libraries and hiring a staff to keep them safe and preform any public outing the Mage asks them to embark on.

Elementals: Elementals are exceedingly rare. They have interior magic that manifests itself as a naturally occurring element. The most common types of Elementals are those that deal with water, earth, and plants, though many other kinds exist. Elementals must learn to control their power on their own as they grow, because each Elemental's power and method of control is unique to them. Most die and/or cause accidental death to loved ones while learning to control their power. Elementals are usually extremely powerful but because of mistakes they make while learning to control themselves, almost every single one of them is afraid of their own powers, and thus, either never use them, or use them in tiny qualities, hiding their abilities from friends and family, and often  lying about what they truly are. Their magic is unique in that they have Internal Magic but that internal Magic can be effected by outside sources. Much like Mages an Elemental can use power around them but unlike any other Magical user, they are able to combine the two and this is what makes them so powerful. For example, an Earth Elemental can control the Earth from within, but if they are near a fault line or in a rock quarry their power increases because there is more material to manipulate. This magic also protects them, so if that same Earth Elemental where in a rock slide they would most likely walk away without a scratch. There was a famous Essay written about a Father and his Water Elemental Daughter where in the Father forced his Daughter to live in a large tank of water. Her lungs eventually adapted and she was able to breathe under water. When she was taken out of the water to be examined however she soon asphyxiated because she could no longer breathe air. In this way an Elemental must be careful not to loose themselves to their Element.

Society: Society at large is under the impression that Elementals no longer exist and don't worry themselves with thoughts about the magical users. Since so many of them either die in childhood or hide their abilities if they learn to master them this assumption is understandable. Many Elementals seek out the temples of the Gods that match their powers and dedicate their lives to prayer and self control. It is not uncommon, unfortunately, for Elementals to be killed in mob killings or if they are lucky they are simply run out of town.

Hedgewitches: Hedgewitches are simple, relatively weak magical users that mix potions from plants and animal parts. They have no magic of their own and instead rely on their ingredients and spells to pull their power from the world around them, technically making them External Magical users. These people are better called chefs or potion makers than magic users. They are often sought out to cast evil spells on people that are disliked, for simple healing balms, and other simple spells.

Healers: Healers are well respected, renowned, loved magic users. Depending on their number of years of study and level of natural power, a Healer can do anything from fix a small cut to bring a person back from the brink of death. A Healer's magic comes from either their own store of magic, that they accumulate from praying, the person they are healing, or rarely, direly from the goddess of healing herself. They generally wear a Healer's uniform, which is a white top with pale green pants, often worn under a smock to keep their clothes clean of blood and gore. Healers must be careful because if they are pulling from their own reserves of Magic they are the most likely of Magical users to pour their entire life force into a spell without realizing it.

Spells: Spells can be bought from magic users in many forms, including, but not limited to, knots in rope or string, woven into cloth, bottled, tattooed on, pained onto paper, canvas, or cloth, blown into glass, written on paper, including whole books [such as a Mage's book], and generally almost any inanimate object, or implanted in the minds of the purchaser and are activated with code words.

Potions: Potions can be concocted to do almost anything, and are usually either drank or poured over whatever the user wants effected. Potions can come in liquid, gas, powder, or even bottled words. Potions tend to weaken the longer they are in storage, but can be engendered to either have longer shelf lives or to increase in power the longer they are in storage. These last two types however are very, very expensive and can only be brewed by the most talented potion makers.

Natural Magic: Simple spells can be woven by people who have natural interior magic. They generally learn from their parents, who have the same or similar magics, and learn to cast simple spells, and usually make a living making selling spells to those who can't use magic or who wish to supplement what they already have. Their magic is usually based by writing on a surface or verbally binding spells to inanimate objects. These Magical users are generally are not very powerful, but are known to hoard spells to protect themselves and are infamous for being paranoid.

The above concepts are (c) to me, Kristin Steelman AKA topknot_dear.

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1. Obey the Mod [Topknot/Kristin]. This is her world and her word is law. Bwahaha. No, but seriously. If I ask something of you, you need to do it.

2. All players must be 18 or older.

3. You may only use species from the species list. Characters that are half one thing and half another may be allowed, just run them by me first.

4. Do not God Mod. You won't like what will happen.

5. Obey the GM/Mod and any assistants she appoints. If you feel something isn't fair, the rules, a call I make, a roll I make, please let me know.


The story of Good Fortune takes place in a world that’s theme is a sort of magical renaissance, similar to your basic D&D style game. The great majority of the people on this planet live within a day’s ride of the ocean, and as such, most commerce and travel are done on water. Most of the people on this planet rely on the ocean and its tributaries to survive. The greater part of the world's cultures are also built around water, their Gods, jobs, and lives depend on the ocean and its tributaries. This is also a planet of magic and real, true Gods who revel in mucking around in the affairs of mortals. There are no atheists here, as Gods make themselves known on a regular basis.

Species Choices:


Humans: Are Humans. They are varied in coloration, build, height, and culture. Many Elves view Humans as lesser beings because they are considered a “young species". It is said they were brought to this world when theirs was in danger, but the myths surrounding that time are from long ago and have grown foggy and cracked with age. Humans have a greater talent than any other Humanoid for various kinds of Magics, the species spawning Mages, Magicians, Hedge-Witches, Seers, and many more magic professions besides. Humans generally have a very short lifespan. usually reaching old age at 100 years, with an even shorter youth of only twenty five years or so Those adept in magic have been known to live as much as five times longer [the same life span of the average Elf, though still 200 years shorter than a Vampire’s average life span], with a much longer youth that often lasts most of their lives. Humans live everywhere, in their own cities, in mixed cities, and in the cities of others. They worship many Gods and work in many professions, and have become the most populous species on the planet, weaving in and out of other cultures, having no qualms, generally, with children that are only half human, for the sake of love, an emotion they hold in very high regard.

Weapons: Humans don’t specialize in any particular weapons. per say. They are limited by the way their bodies work to simpler, smaller weapons, but are as capable of wielding the weapons they can use as well as anyone else. Warriors are known to devote their whole lives to learning a single weapon, starting from children.

Weakness: Humans have senses that are dull compared to Elves and even more so when compared to Vampires or Werewolves, and are not particularly strong, or graceful. They suffer injuries worse than any other species.

Strengths: As a whole, humans are clever and persistent. Their healths are not as delicate as many of the other species. They have invented many things that the rest of the world make use of, most notably gun powder and the subsequent creations crafted to use it. They can easily and naturally harness magic in ways that other species must struggle for years to master.

A Note on Elves as a Whole: Elves usually keep their emotions behind a mask. If something makes them want to laugh hard enough to fall off their chair, they're more likely to let out a small chuckle. An Elf will often cover a smile or frown with their hand. This also means that they hide their anger well, but because they pen it up, it can sometimes explode. Elves, when forced to fight, let their bad feelings flow forth, much like when they celebrate, they do so in the most raucous and playful ways possible.

Wood Elf: Wood Elves are believed by most people to be extinct, and are the least populous species on the planet. Not much is known about their culture, though they are known to live simple, tribal lives, and that their Mythos is centered around a Goddess of healing named Yalta. Yalta teaches that every life has meaning .The following is not common knowledge. Wood Elves honor animals killed to feed and clothe their people and give thanks to plants they use and consume as well. Wood Elves that do not honor their Goddess or religion properly are cast out from their tribes, cursed for all eternity, bared from ever entering paradise after death. These outcasts are easily identified by their purple eyes, a mutation that develops as a result of the spell that keeps them from returning to their forest homes. They are cursed not only out of their tribes but out of the afterlife as well, destined to wander the world as restless ghosts for all eternity instead of their spirits flying to the Southern Isles, a haven where they are free to spend eternity to pursue knowledge and peace. Other banished Elves also bear these purple eyes. Wood Elves are fair skinned, have dark hair that is usually wavy or curly, and most often have eyes that are green, brown, or a combination of both. Unlike other Elves who speak their own Dialects of Elfish, Wood Elves have their own language.

Strengths: They are as at home in the trees as they are on the ground, have impeccable balance, can jump very high, land easily from long falls, and are very graceful, even by elven standards.

Weaknesses: They are very naive in the ways of the world, due to their almost cult like way of tribal life, and are relatively weak in strength when compared to other Elves. Wood Elves are often spooked by large crowds and wide, open spaces.

Weapons: Wood Elves are adept at making traps and using and making bows and arrows, tools they learn to utilize at a young age when learning to hunt and gather food. Wood elves often also carry the tools necessary to carry out a hunt, even when in a city setting, such as a dagger and scraper.

Sea Elf: Sea Elves are the most populous of the Elf species and are known all over the world as the best ship builders to ever exist, and have the craft pinned down so well other species building them have almost died out, leaving he Sea Elves with a fabulists monopoly, They live almost exclusively on islands or near the shore on the mainland and their religion is built around the Goddess of the Sea, Willacony, and her lover, the God of Wind, Elenom. These two Gods share a volatile relationship, whipping the sea with storms when they are in disagreement. Sea Elves have mid toned, brown skin, with pale hair. They have short, pointed ears and webbed fingers and toes, and their eyes run the gamut from green, to blue, to brown. Sea Elves are usually tall and thin, their lithe bodies often reaching heights of six and a half feet. Sea Elves are the true merchants of the world, selling, trading, and creating, to build a culture that is both rich in history, experience, and gold. They are well respected nearly everywhere they go.

Strengths: Sea Elves swim as if born for the water and are capable of learning to hold their breaths underwater for amazingly long periods of time. The culture has a general interest in gunpowder, a Human invention, and have even invented some weapons to harness them, such as throwing grenades and have perfected others, such as cannons. They are trained from small children to be at home on nearly any ship, learn how to navigate, and are excellent map makers and star readers.

Weaknesses: Most Sea Elves have “sea legs”, and this means they are clumsy on land. They are also susceptible to a strange phenomenon that makes them suffer paranoia and sickness when away from the water. The further they get from the water the worse it gets, to the point where, when many miles from a source of water, a Water Elf may suffer delirium to where they will think non-existent attackers are after them. No one is quite sure why Water Elves suffer this phenomenon, but legends say that they are “bounded to the water”, and that their essence tries to stretch to keep them tuned in to the water, stretching them so thin that they begin to suffer.

Weapons: Sea Elves are known to use any weapons common to pirates and other sea faring folk, that is to say, anything that can be tucked politely away for a meeting or trade, but easily accessed if need be. Many of them are knowledgeable in explosive weaponry, perfecting something that humans invented.

Sun Elf/Desert Elf: Sun Elves, also called Desert Elves, are known for their short stature, dark skin and darker hair, and for their ships that can sail on mysteriously sand. They live in the desert, in small tribes, each a day’s ride from the next by Sand Ship. Unlike Sea Elves, Sun Elves do not sell their ships; instead they make a living taking payment for their fine clay creations and world renowned glass products, as well as safe passage though the desert on their sand ships. They dress from head to toe in complicated, bright colored wraps which reveal only their heavily tattooed hands and their eyes. The removal of these garments around an outsider shows ultimate trust in that person. Only Wood Elves match them for rarity, as there is only one desert, and only the tribes that live within it.

Strengths: They require much less water to stay hydrated than other Humanoids and their hard life in the desert means they are very hearty and rarely get sick, and are immune to things like sun blindness and sun burn. Sun Elves have almost supernatural eyesight, and are especially adept at seeing things well from a great distance. Sun Elves are also in tune with the weather, able to sense changes in wind patterns and barometric pressure, which is part of what allows them to pilot their ships so well.

Weaknesses: They are extremely susceptible to cold and generally have no experience with water, meaning they cannot swim, are not used to sailing on ships, etc. Sun Elves are easily taken with a shiny bauble or impressive clay made item, and sometimes steal things without meaning to. They have no memories of this when it happens, which can often land them in trouble.

Weapons: Sun Elves tend to favor weapons that can be thrown, things like daggers, throwing stars, tomahawks, short spears, and throwing knives. They like any weapon that is easy to pack away, takes up little room, and does not require extra energy to carry.

Night Elf: Night Elves have pale, silvery skin. As they grow older their inner glow, along with any magic they may possess, fades, rather than growing stronger as with other Humanoids. They generally have blonde or red hair, though black or brown hair is not uncommon. Their eyes are dark and they have pointed teeth. Night Elves hide their villages with magic, letting only their own kind in. They deal in secrets and spies, dark magics and dangerous beasts, feeding a lively black market that runs through nearly every city on the planet. Adept, natural shape-shifters, Night Elves are generally mistrusting of anyone outside their species, especially of other Elves, and shun Halflings. Not every Night Elf you meet is a thief or a murderer, but all should be treated with extreme caution, as they have been known to “befriend” a person, to gather information during the time they spend together, only to kill them years later.

Strengths: Their ability to shape shift make them naturally inclined to blend in, in every sense. They are skilled at picking up languages and excellent judges of character, and often sport the ability to tell when a person is lying. When they can they will stand in the back and direct others, but when they are forced to fight they are as fierce as a cornered wild animal.

Weaknesses: Night Elves are instantly judged wherever they go. They are easily distinguished from any other Humanoid by their skin, eyes, and teeth, and their defining traits are not easy to hide, as one or the other, generally their teeth, show through their shape shifting. Their reputations are known to every person on the planet, and they are followed by mistrust and hatred all their days, by even their own from other clans.

Weapons: Night Elves love basic, easy to care for, small, sleek weapons. A collection of easily concealed daggers or knives are a thing to treasure, a short sword tied against one's leg like a dear friend. Nearly every Night Elf clan, family, or village has its own weapons smith.

A Note about the Pure Night Elves: There is a family of Night Elves, who’s bloodline goes back to the dawn of time, who’s skin is an inky black. They are all trained in secret to promote the family’s agenda, though what that is is still a mystery. They excel in ice or water based magics. This family is not capable of shape shifing.

Vampires: Vampires are born, not created/Blooded. Though Half Vampires can be created through Blooding, they are not considered by Vampires to be part of their species, and are almost exclusively lovers or past lovers to a Vampire. Vampires have a rich culture based on the worship and absolute devotion to their King or Queen, and the species is divided into four kingdoms, North, South, East, and West. As a whole they believe in Gods but choose to worship their monarchs over any Gods, as their monarchs have true and easily proven power. Most Vampires are pale skinned and either tawny or brown eyes. Their hair runs the gamut of any natural hair color, and a royal vampire is easily spotted by their silvery hair. Vampires also have their own language, Vampuric, though it is rare to find a Vampire that does not also speak Common.

Strengths: They do not need blood to survive, but it works to heighten their senses. A Vampire’s sense of smell, touch, and hearing all improve when blood is consumed, and the intensity of the improvement depends on what the quality of the blood is. During this time of heightened senses their eyes turn red. Animal blood has almost no affect, though it should be noted that most Vampires do eat all their red meat raw because of simple preference. Only mammalian blood is consumed, it is both taboo and dangerous to drink the blood of an avian or reptilian, and deadly to drink Werewolf blood. The blood of a Sentient [Elves, Humans, Demons, etc] is most common and tends to work the best. Vampire blood has no effect, but is often drunk as a sign of the drinker’s devotion to the one the blood comes from. For example, couples often drink small amounts of each other’s blood during intimate moments and courtiers often drink the blood of their Kings and Queens. Once digested, the effects of the blood consumed, if there was any, goes away.

Weaknesses: Vampires are weakened by sunlight. They are so sensitive to the sun that their skin can develop third degree burns in a matter of minutes. As such, Vampire cities have covered walkways on all major streets, and when traveling outside their cities they must wear clothing that covers all of their skin if they want to travel during the day. Vampires cannot learn magic of their own but can use spells that have been purchased and are known for strong, effective potions of all sorts. Vampire are also known to be quick to anger, and to have rapid mood swings, feeling whatever emotion takes them very strongly.

Weapons: Classic swords and shields are the most common weapons used by Vampires, though bows are a traditional weapon of all the royal families, and all the children of the royals are trained in archery to prove their worth to the other kingdoms. Various types of daggers and knives are carried by most adults.

Werewolves: Werewolves are created, not born. Any Humanoid that is not a Vampire can become a Werewolf. Generally, there is no culture as Werewolves are not a species unto themselves. Some Werewolves are created with permission of the “victim”, and these “victims” are the luckiest of those who are Turned. The Werewolf that created them will often stick with them for years, helping them through their first few changes, teaching them what they need to eat and how best to protect themselves [and if the Turner is particularly responsible, they will teach the new Werewolf how to protect others as well]. If not, the “victim” is left to suffer, sometimes to die from the initial “attack”, other times to die in their first turning. Those who survive live to learn the harsh reality that is the life of a Werewolf. The first turning, which takes place the full moon following the “attack” is the most painful; as the body is forced to adjust to a rapid change of bone and muscle structure, organs changing, and even changes in the brain. The change will be painful for the rest of their lives, but the first several turnings will be painful enough that those that are turning can actually die of pain. Some people are able to master their therein forms, to regain a base level of thinking that will keep them from killing innocents. Anyone is capable of this with an adept teacher, but since most Werewolf’s do not have capable teachers, most never learn this skill. Werewolves have a pack instinct, and any that turn tend to head for wooded areas [weather this is because they seek the primal protection that the forest offers or because they prefer to hunt for animal prey is a topic of debate], and so many large forests near cities are host to packs of therians that appear at the full moon. Many other species of Weres exist, but Werewolves are far and away the most populous species of Weres on the planet. The gene that creates the mutation cannot be passed on to the children of Weres.

Strengths: Someone who has learned to master their therian thoughts can also, with more study, stay in their forms when the sun rises. As they improve this skill they can stay in their wolf forms for longer and longer periods of time. Spells also exist that will allow a Werewolf to stay in their wolf forms forever. As a Werewolf grows older their wolf forms slowly infect their human forms, they are harrier, and have a better sense of smell and hearing, and easily gain muscle mass. When transformed, most of their senses are heightened, but the sense of touch dulls, making Werewolves less concerned with pain.

Weakness: Feeling pain weakly often means that a Warewolf can suffer major damage and not notice it, sometimes until it is too late. Without training a Werewolf in Wolf form is nothing but a mindless beast bent on pack hunting and blood. Like Vampires, werewolves cannot learn magic, but can also not cast spells, even premade ones. A Werewolves’ wolf from will never be as smart as their Humanoid form, no matter how long they spend mastering their beast side, though those that live long lives can come close enough to fight by the sides of their friends or as solders, often bonding with and obeying one person over any others.

Weapons: While Werewolves are very strong, and therefor naturally inclined to excel in hand to hand combat, they are also known to favor large blunt weapons like staffs and clubs.

Note – The relationship between Vampires and Werewolves: It has recently come to light, through years and years of research, that Vampires and Werewolves share a common ancestor. Beyond this, where their blood feud came from, why Werewolves transform and Vampires do not, why Werewolf blood is so deadly to Vampires, nothing is known, though many talented historians are working hard to discover the answers day and night.

Note – The Moons: There are two moons in the world of Good, a large moon called Mother Moon, and a smaller moon, called Daughter Moon. All Weres are prone to transform under the full face of either moon.

Daemons: Demons are humanoids that, far back in their ancestry, interbred with dark Gods. Some of this darkness remains in them today. Daemons generally live to be an average age of 80 years, but can live much longer should they devote themselves to rigorous prayers to any of their dark ancestors and that God chooses to favor them. They have bluish black skin that grows across their bodies in iridescent scales and large, retractable fangs. Long, snake-like tails are a natural trait to all Daemons but it is common practice now to dock the tail of an infant. Their hair is either a dark green or black.

Weapons: Demons tend to favor spells and incantations and any weapon that will allow them to fight long range. Their eyesight lends itself particularly well to archery.

Weaknesses: Deamons, being a mostly segregated race, stick out easily in crowds. Their dark green haired heads are easy to conceal but their iridescent scales are not. Spells that would normally easily conceal people's natural forms seem to have no effect what so ever on the daemon's skin.

Strengths: They see well in the dark, easily learn simple magic spells and how to mix simple potions, are able to communicate on simple levels with nocturnal animals, and can choose to emit a pheromone for short amounts of time [generally five minutes or less] that allow them to "sweet talk" people. The fangs of the females also carry a deadly poison but it is slow acting.

Avians: Avians a are tall, humanoid race that lives high in red wood forests atop mountains and in hidden away valleys of the world. Their faces are flat and they have wide, lens like eyes that sparkle in jewel tones, and are most often compared to owls. Their mouths are small, owl like beaks that are tucked so far within their feathers, one might miss them. All Avians are black, and are covered, mostly, in soft downy feathers. Their flight feathers are prized simple for their rarity, as a jewel might be, for only from an Avain might something so long and angled come. Some have bands of color on their wing feathers, ranging from the natural tones of browns and tans, to the more tropical iridescent colors of the colors their distant cousins the feathered lizards. Their language consists of normal bird calls as well as clicks and snaps of their beaks, and simple body sign language. Very few speak Common, those that do never loose their heavy accent, a way of speaking that turns k and c sounds to clicks, ch sounds into chirps, and sh sounds into low hissings. Avians do not wear clothes when in their rookery homes, but females are adorned by suitors with trinkets. Families live in multilayered nests, single birds live in smaller nests, and a new mating pair begin their lives together by building a nest, sometimes in a new tree when there is not room in the Mother's tree. They live only in the tall, lofty red woods, the best in the world for ship masts, and social standing is dictated by how far up one is permitted to build a nest. Fighting is common, pecking order is no joke here, as both males and females are often clawed to death in disputes over everything from shiny rocks to how to barter with other sentiants for the sale of a tree. Most Avians have evolved to have scaly arms to match their long, back bending legs, but a few still have only wings. When among other sentiants, since they have no sexual similarities to them, Avians mostly wear only specially made boots and sometimes scarves, though those that have lived away from their kind longer may choose to be fitted for full dress, often choosing garish colors and getting men's and wemon's fashions mixed up.

Strengths: Those that have them fly easily with their huge wings, and are skilled at masking their feelings in their unique faces and strange voices. Though most prefer to fight with just their feet alone, some have discovered a talent for mimicking noises, while still others, who have hands, use their claws as weapons. This comes in handy for all sorts of trickery.

Weakness: Avians stick out like sore thumbs, but are not feared. They must weather staring eyes, probing questions, and general rudeness. They often will pretend they don't understand common when this happens. An Avian's bones are hallow and light to allow them to fly, and this does not allow for much armor, or any at all if they want to be able to fly. Feather pulling, when from the proper places, can stop them in their tracks. The same is true of sudden movements and bright colors for younglings. They also have a restrictive diet that does not allow for salted meats, making sailing a challenge if fishing is not going well.

Weapons: Despite their stick thin appearance, an Avian's legs are powerful, and tipped with a foot similar to an Earth's raptor. Three long toes sport knife sharp claws that can grow to six inches in length, added with a semi-retractable curved fifth toe higher on the leg. Some also chose to add their hands to the fray. An Avian can tear an unknowing creature to bloody shreds in minutes

Species concepts are (c) to me, Kristin Steelman AKA topknot_dear.

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Noise and Confusion: Estranged by Guns N' Roses
17 June 2013 @ 03:12 pm

Today's stream is a "Chill Stream", meaning I'll mostly be working on meandering Worldbuilding ideas and reworking old art pieces that I'd like updated, and a few other odds and ends I need to finish for various projects.

If you'd like to come and watch feel free to make a suggestion! I'll draw you, your pets, your original characters, your favorite cartoon characters, and various other prompts. This is meant to be loose and fun. If you want to tip me, you of course will have my everlasting thanks, and I'll draw you something special. If you would like to commission me, I'd love to do some work for you. If this is the case, just let me know and I'll give you the email attached to my Paypall where you can send  a buck or two. There's instructions at the very bottom of the page on how to send in money if you would like a DFD or a Commission, but the email is wrong now. Its now kristin_topknot@yahoo.com.

The audio is going to be all over the place, music, and audiobook, I might even hook up a mic,and I'll be taking breaks to fail at audiosurf and to stretch. Music requests are welcome as well, I love discovering new music.

If this sounds fun and/or interesting, you can join us on my website where my livestream is hosted, here: http://thisthatand.webs.com/watchmedrawlive.htm

There are some general rules I would appreciate you reading right under the video stream [please read at least to "The Basic Rules" part, but you don't have to read the whole page, unless you would like a DFD or Commission. Please come on by! I like the company!

Stream over, thanks for coming!

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Noise and Confusion: Lisey's Story Audiobok.

Here is a list where I will post what I read this year, 2012. All the books will go on this list, with a star rating. 1 star for bad books, 5 stars for the best books.  Some books will get a "review" entry, and those will be friends only posts.

Books that I have read before will be written here in purple, and new books that I have not read before will be in green. Dead tree format books will not be marked, but Kindle books will be marked with an asterisk, like so.* I'll leave this post public, too, for easy linkage. [EDIT]: I will now be recording audiobooks I listen to as well! Those will be posted in orange.

Books:Collapse )

I'm also keeping track of the movies I watched in 2012, both new and old. The Movie lists are hosted over on IMBD. Again, the goal is 50 new movies, the dream is 100.

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1/4/13: Well I reached my movie goal and came nowhere close to any of the others. I set that book goal way too high.

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09 October 2010 @ 01:27 am

Hi there, know me from somewhere? Want to know me? Comment, lets get to know each other.